Housekeeping, SW and Instagram

Scarcely Working (SW) is as cleaned up as I’m going to get it while I debate whether or not to continue hosting on WordPress as they are quite restrictive.

The old blog was neglected and left to die because its focus was on writing and publishing. Frankly, I have little interest in discussing the mechanics of writing and the process of publishing. And I disliked the drama in the industry and community even more. I just want to write in peace, so I’ll continue to plug away at it and publish as projects are completed. Luckily for me, I don’t rely on royalties to survive. 🤭😂

The key interests I want to share and discuss with others are personal finance (PF) and food. SW will be for PF and Instagram for my food porn.

I will likely post here once or twice per month. I have spent the last few years immersed in work and gaming and need to recuperate. It’s best to sign up for email notifications if you want to stay abreast.

Thank you!


Revamp In Progress

My domain renewal got messed up and some douchey drop catch company snapped it up to try and sell it for a profit…so I decided to pivot.

I’m blowing away the old blog but it’s going to take a while to rework the site (snacks are prepped).

Scarcely Working will focus mostly on my post-semi-retired life. 😋